Georgia Film School was founded by Carelton Holt of Granite Digital Imaging to help fill the void for fundamental education in independent film making and professional video production in the Atlanta area. Other than occasional short seminars that cover very little or full degree programs that require many non-industry related core classes, there is little in the way of education for the exploding number of people interested in learning film making basics and beyond.

The curriculum takes a front to back approach, from script writing to final output. (For more on the curriculum click here). Students will learn both technical and artistic skills and many practical and time saving techniques to add Blockbuster elements to their own projects. Additionally, nearly all lessons translate over to other general and commercial video productions. Projects like music videos, corporate marketing, advertising and training videos are all produced with the same techniques taught in the program.

Students receive 56 hours of classroom instruction and hands-on to learn the fundamentals. Classes are held on weekday evenings so students may learn their new skills while working or attending school.

All instruction is handled by experienced and active industry professionals using the very latest in state-of-the-art equipment… all in a real production studio setting. Additionally, students are invited to be on location and participate in a two day actual short film shoot. After the shoot, the final two classes will focus on editing and outputting the short with a wrap party and screening to bring the exciting program to a close.



Carelton Holt, Lead Instructor

Founder of Granite Digital Imaging, LLC


Carelton began his love for photography and film making in 1969 at the young age of 13. He founded GDI Films in 2001 and since has produced scores of commercial video and independent film projects. Still active in his role as President of GDI, Carelton loves nothing more than operating a camera on set.


Carelton: “When I first started in the business, it was so difficult to find information and knowledge. So much of the learning we did through trial and error. I was always so grateful to the select few that were willing to share their techniques and now I am glad to try to share some of the things I have learned with our students. It is an amazing and rewarding business and I hope Georgia Film School inspires something great in our students.”






Jared Adams, Instructor

Creative Director of Granite Digital Imaging, LLC

Jared received his marketing degree from the University of Tulsa and later went on to graduate from The Palm Beach Film School. He splits his passions between camera work and post production and though he is talented at both, he is truly a gifted editor and colorist.


Jared: “My experience at the Florida film school was a bit mixed. I was certainly grateful for the outcome of working in the industry, but I really did not learn much useful knowledge that carried over into commercial or film work. I hope to bring a practical approach to the students… things they will really rely on in the real world of production.”








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