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Georgia Film School maintains a comprehensive array of cameras, lenses, grip, lighting and production equipment for hands-on instruction.  You will be learning on state of the art gear that is used everyday on sets around the world.  A partial list of this equipment follows:




(1) RED Epic Dragon 6K Complete Package

(1) RED Scarlet Dragon 6K Complete Package

(2) Canon 5D Mark IIs

(2) GoPro HD Hero 3 Cameras


Primes: from 8mm through 180mm

Canon, Zeiss, Nikon, Sigma


Canon, Lens Baby

Zooms: (2.8)

Tokina, Canon

Filters: ND, Polarizer, Gradient

Camera & Lens Accessories:

Rails Systems

Follow Focus Units

Matte Boxes & Filters

Field Monitors

Cinema Production Gear:

(1) T-Jib 19ft Reach Camera Crane with Electric Pan/Tilt Head

(1) Doorway Dolly

(1) Skateboard Track Dolly

(1) Steady Cam

(2) Camera Sliders (48” & 72”)

Aerial Exposures Car/Helicopter Gyro Stabilizer





HMI 1.2K Pars

1K Flolight LEDs

200W on Camera LEDs


Fresnels – Babies:

575W Fresnels with Barndoors & Filters

1K Fresnels with Barndoors & Filters

Fresnels – Juniors:

2K Fresnels with Barndoors & Filters


Rifa Light Soft Kit 750W, 500W, 250W

Tota Light Kit (300W to 750W)

750W Ellipsoidal with Gobos

750W Pars

Grip Gear:


Junior Stands

Light Duty Light Stands

8’x8’ Chinese Silk Diffuser

6’x6’ Chinese Silk Diffuser

Silver/Gold Reflectors

Assorted Reflectors & Flags

Numerous Assorted Clamps, Bars,

6850W Gas Generator




Shotgun Mics

Wireless Lavilier Mics

Wired Lavilier Mics

Singers Mics

Allen & Heath 24 Track Mixing Board

Yamaha 8 Channel Mixing Board

Field Mixer

Numerous Cables & Accessories

Post Production:

Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium CS6 Master Collection


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